leading innovative art that promotes the well-being of our planet through the activation of inspiration


Artist Statement

The conceptual framework of my art is to create modern day mythology that will activate inspiration within my audience for positive transformation to take place. Drawing on the imagination and fascination of ancient myths and religious stories, I dream up innovative narratives about fantastical heroines/heroes and goddesses/gods.  My stories evoke a deep connection to the sacred and awakens our consciousness towards our relationship to our natural environment.  One of my missions is to bring awareness to the importance of our relationship with Water and to celebrate the beauty and mystery of this sacred life source.

My cultural identity as a first generation Taiwanese American leaves me at a crossroad, neither fully belonging to one culture or the other.  As I continue to explore this space and find comfort in this existence, I find my art often reflects this extraneous feeling by recreating this intersection of two different cultures or dimensions crossing each other.  I bring characters into these situations that look as if they were visitors from a different world.

The medium I work in is primarily textiles.  I utilize different surface design techniques during the initial process of creating a textile.  Using the 2D textile as the base of my creation, I build costumes, masks, fashion and soft sculpture.  My goal is to bring attention to the art of theatrical costuming, a specialized skill, I have acquired through my extensive experience as a professional costumer.  My mission is to create sophisticated costumes with the utilization of environmentally conscious materials and to make the statement; that beautiful, quality garments can be made with sustainable techniques, and are worth the effort in order to preserve the environment.

In order to accomplish my mission of leading innovative art, I need to be different; an original thinker, blazing a trail for others to eventually follow.  My art needs to be distinctive in order to capture the attention of an audience, and have quality content and strategic presentation to activate inspiration!


“A riot of colors and textures, Lin's dramatic work is unlike what Portland's fashion crowd is used to seeing, with leather glitter-gilded superhero capes, winged sneakers, and fancifully badass ensembles referencing everyone from the Easter Bunny to a Mongolian warrior.” - The Portland Mercury



Fuchsia Lin is a conceptual artist and filmmaker currently residing in Portland, Oregon. Fuchsia began her career as a textiles artist, fashion and costume designer. She received her BFA in textiles and surface design at the University of Michigan and AAS degree in fashion design at Parsons School of Design.

Fuchsia grew up as a first generation Taiwanese American in a small Michigan town. Since then, she has lived and worked in New York City, Paris and Taipei. In 2008, Fuchsia moved to Portland, OR for a different pace of life. There, she finally learned how to ride a bike and rides her red Schwinn cruiser all over town wearing her pink poncho.

Fuchsia works in an array of mediums: costume, film, performance, dance and photography to carry out her mission of leading innovative art. She is the recipient of several art grants and her work has been featured in international publications and blogs; Big, Tokion, Amica, Crash, Ecosalon, Portland Mercury, Artslandia.


contact : info@fuchsialin.com